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Hello to you!

Welcome to our creative studio, where we bring creativity to life! 

Led by the founder, Simona von Woikowsky, an art director, graphic designer, illustrator, and professional photographer with 19 years of expertise, we operate both a graphic design and photography studio. We pour our souls into every project, gratefully assisting publishers, entrepreneurs, and other businesses with print design, branding, marketing collateral, illustration, art direction, and all creative needs they may have. Through the mastery of studio and conceptual photography and a genuine love for the art of lighting techniques, we often like to add an extra layer of creativity to our design work.

We embody a "we" mindset because we value and appreciate the collective effort in the creative process, even though the majority of the work is handled by the founder herself. For larger projects, we have the capability to collaborate with or outsource tasks to various service providers, including printing houses, copywriters, web developers, stylists, and other photographers.

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